Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Country Roads, Take Me Home

To the place where I belong, West Virginia! Mountain Mama. Take me home, country roads.

John Denver had no clue what he was talking about. Recently a few girlfriends and I decided to make the foray into West Virgina. Why? Well, we obviously had a hankering to do some gambling at Charles Town, Races and Slots (Now with table games!). I hope their catchy jingle is now playing on repeat in your head. :)

I love to gamble, and when we realized that Charles Town was only an hour-ish away we crossed the state lines.

Charles Town Races and Slots is where dreams go to die.

It was the most depressing gambling establishment I have ever been to.
We stayed at the Holiday Inn. The casino offered a shuttle from our hotel to the casino. All the people on the shuttle were working class, middle age folks, who were alone. They were off to play the slots and gamble away their paychecks. The whole casino reeked of smoke and desperation.
It was just such a sad sight.

Also, getting a drink was near impossible. The tables all had a minimum $25 bet, which I am not a fan of. We found the one roulette table with a $15 minimum and played there. Between the 3 of us only $150 was lost, and I actually ended the night up $5. I still had a good time because I was with good friends, and we could poke fun at a lot of it, but I definitely will be saving my next gambling experience for Atlantic City.

I totally meant to take a picture of the 3 of us looking all hot and sexy, but never managed to do it. Instead here is a picture of Tamsin's press on zebra print nails. Hot.

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