Friday, February 12, 2010


So I am finally starting my new job... kinda. I'll be in my contracting office for a week, then I'll start at DHS the following week. I'm SO excited to have income again. I also think it's always fun to start a new job. I enjoy learning new things and am very excited to start my new position.

What Not to Wear

Have you seen the show? With Clinton and Stacy? I love it, I wish they were here now. I'm having major issues choosing an outfit for my first day at work. Normally this wouldn't be an issue. I am a clothes horse, and love putting together outfits. The problem is the SNOW! We still have a few feet of snow on the ground, and come Tuesday it will still be there! (at least some of it will). I'll be walking from my house to the office, in Ballston. Walking normally means flats, but if I wear flats on Monday, I'll ruin them with all the ice and sludge that's on the ground.
I could wear tennis shoes and change, which would normally be option number two. However, I'll actually be leaving Ballston, VA on Monday and heading to McPherson Square, DC via metro accompanied by the VP of the company (for a staff meeting). I will be walking to the Ballston station, about 2 blocks from the VA office, and from the McPherson Metro to the DHS office on Vermont Ave, about 5 blocks away. I don't want the VP (or the client) to see me switching back and forth to sneakers as this is first impression time. I'm at such a loss. Should I switch shoes and carry a big purse or tote? Should I wear the flats and chance it? UGH. Such the dilemma!
I'd appreciate any and all opinions!

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  1. I'd wear boots if you have them. That way your feet are covered and warm without ruining any shoes! (Not snow boots unless you have classy ones, def something to invest in!) Good luck!