Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lots of Stuff is Going On

Which is why I havent been very good about blogging lately. So getting everyone all caught up:

Last week I went to Atlantic City. I had a fan-freaking-tastic time. I was there with other sorority sisters. It's out annual beach retreat. Let me explain.
Every year in college my sorority went on beach retreat. We took some time out and headed to the shore to do some bonding and spend some time in the sun. We always had a great time. Of course there was to be no alcohol on the retreat. Well my wonderful sister Casey decided that we all needed to catch up and have a reunion of sorts last year. We all met up in Destin, FL for the weekend. We had a great time and decided to make it an annual trip. This year we found ourselves on the Jersey shore in Atlantic City. We did a lot of bonding, played a lot of board games, and gambled far too much but we had a blast. We ended up with a book full of quotes and memories that I will never forget. Next year we are thinking Cabo or someplace in the Caribbean. My hope is that when I am 50 years old I am still going on Gamma Phi Beta beach retreat.

Sleep, or Lack of It
Even though my vacation was fabulous I have realized that most of my vacations are now excuses to drink and to gamble and to generally revert back to my college days. I usually end up in NOLA or some other crazy place trying to "capture my youth". I have no intention of stopping and as a matter of fact I can't wait until Britni's wedding next year. However, I now realize I need to take an extra day at the end of my vacation as a recovery day. I slept a total of 14 hours from Friday Morning till Sunday night. I'm much too old to be doing that. I need a recovery day. A day to sleep in and readjust to my normal sleep schedule.

Grinds My Gears
Driving thru Maryland/Delware/NJ and paying $15 in tolls each way. What is that all about? Those states aren't even that awesome. If anyone should charge you to drive thru it, it should be Texas.

Interesting Personal Fact
I LOVE to gamble. Roulette calls to me.
This weekend at the Casino I was down... a lot. I was playing roulette and just watching my money disappear. The I placed my last $15 on the table. I surrounded 22 (my birthday). It hit.
Placed another $15 bet. Surrounded 2 (my family lucky number). It hit. I walked away making back the original $100 I put in plus another $100. Gosh I love roulette.

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