Monday, December 17, 2012

Everything is Bigger in Texas: Another 30 B4 30 Goal!

Number 13: Go to a game at Cowboys Stadium.

While I was on my life sabbatical and living in Texas for a few months I realized I could totally cross this one off my list. You know the saying that everything is bigger in Texas? Jerry Jones took that one to heart.

I went with my entire family. We went to a preseason game, so the weather was beautiful. Cowboys Stadium and The Ballpark in Arlington (where the Texas Rangers play) share parking lots. A baseball game just happened to be playing the same night so we parked in the Rangers parking lots cause they were cheaper. The walk was maybe half a mile to the stadium.

This thing is huge. (TWSS)

This is right outside the front doors. More TVs.

Fireworks and the infamous screens.

"Smaller" side screens.

The standing room is kind of amazing. Walking around the stadium you almost don't need seats as there are so many awesome places to stand (and set your drink down) while you cheer. We had seats but only stayed in them for about half the game.

All in all I would DEFINITELY go back and watch another game, but I don't know that I would want to watch a regular season game there. There is so much to be distracted by (look! shiny object!) that I think I would lose track of what's happening on the field. I think I'll stick to Clarendon Grill for my regular season football watching.


Tina Marie

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  1. I love seeing posts with football in them. Can't wait for the NFL season to kick off!