Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Internet Dating, Part Two

Last week I talked about my foray into internet dating. Imagine my surprise when a guy emailed me with coherent, full sentences! He had a job, he liked to read, he had a degree, and overall, he seemed to have his shit together.

I decided to dive in and meet him.

I knew from him picture that he was ethnic, of some sort. When I met him, I found out that he is originally from India. I was sort of thrown by this information, but decided to roll with it.
We started out chatting, and while ordering, I found out he is a vegetarian. After our food came I decided to ask him about this. I have lots of friends who eat special diets for one reason or another. For some it's gluten intolerance, for some it's healthy lifestyle choices, and for some it's keeping kosher/ for religious reasons. He informed me that he is a Brahmin, and therefore wasn't allowed to eat meat.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Hindu caste system, Brahmins are the top caste. They are the most educated, and the wealthiest caste.

This brings about the question: Why are you on a date with me?

I know I'm awesome, but there are several things I am not:

It's really rare for people to marry out of thier caste.

I actually had a very enjoyable evening, but I felt like sparks weren't there. We ended the night with a hug and a goodbye.

So, for you other internet daters out there.

Do you go on dates for the sake of dating, even though you know it isn't ever going to go anywhere?

Tina Marie


  1. I operate on the 3 strikes you're out rule, meaning if I don't feel any chemistry by then it's off. This of course mean no deal breakers like smoking pot or having a rap sheet don't come up on dates 1 or 2. Sometimes people are nervous on a first date and you can't get a good vibe. Also, any jerk can pretend to be a nice sweet charming guy for two hours. So far, I've yet to have an internet date make it past 3 BUT date 3 with the current guy is Friday so we'll see :).

  2. Hang in there! Not sure if you know this, but Roger and I met match.com. Internet dating can definitely suck, but there are payoffs! I'm like Amanda, where if I wasn't feeling it after the first couple dates, I would end it. There's no use wasting your time with someone you know won't work out. Also, in response to your earlier post...maybe try a paid dating site? I think that might help weed out the weirdos, lol. Anyways, hope you're doing well - can't wait to see you in August! :)