Friday, July 8, 2011

DC Bucket List

As I prepare to leave DC I realize there are a number of things which I want to do but still haven't done.

To name a few:

Eat lunch in the Museum of Native American History - apparently the food court here is to die for, and extremely authentic. I'm definitely going to try this before I leave.

Go to the top of the Washington Monument. - Can you believe I haven't done this?! It's like the first thing you do when you get here, but I have never been. I must take in that view before I go.

Re-Visit the Smithsonian Museum of American History - This is my favorite Smithsonian museum, and the year after I got here it closed for renovations. It reopened a year after that but I haven't been back! I have to see Dorothy's shoes, and the Fonz's jacket one last time.

Visit Great Falls/ Old Rag - Living in Virginia means that I get all the awesomeness of DC, but I also get the beautiful scenery of rustic Virginia landscapes. I need to take advantage of that before I go.

The Newseum - I don't think I even need to explain this one, everyone who lives in DC knows that this museum is well worth the $20 admission.

Re-visit NYC one last time - I've been 3 times in the almost 6 years I have lived here, which makes me sad. I'm totally going again (and staying with Theo, even though she doesn't know it yet). I want to take in another Broadway show, and spend a night on the town.

Monticello - This is an easy day trip that I've never taken! I can't believe I have put it off for so long!

Arlington National Cemetery changing of the guard - it's really sad that I haven't seen this. I live less than 2 miles away.

Theodore Roosevelt Island - I must take a walk across the footbridge and visit this place.

Visit the National Archives - look at important papers... it's a must.

Whew! I think that's it for now, can ya'll think of anything that MUST make it onto the list?

Love, Tina Marie


  1. Tina,
    Go to the Reynolds Center (Smithsonian museum in Chinatown) to see conservationists working on pieces of the collection. You can see them rebuilding frames and cleaning paintings with a single-hair paintbrush. It is one of my fave spots in the city and only available during business hours.

  2. The Marine corps museum is awesome! And i wanna meet you in NYC! I love Broadway! Ooo! Lets see if Watson Advent has a dc hunt

  3. Walking around the capitol at night (like midnight on a business day so most people aren't around) is a stand out memory for me. Its amazing to see the monument with no one else around and to be able to climb the stairs of the Lincoln memorial with no one around is beautiful. If you are lucky you can catch some of the curators picking up items people have left at the Vietnam Wall, I guess they take all the things people leave behind and put them all into storage and catalogue exactly where they were placed.
    Yup a DC walking tour at midnight is my vote