Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Very Lovely Baby Shower

I just realized that I've posted 5 times in the past 3 months. I promise to start posting again. I feel like I've been living a crazy buys life lately. I literally don't have a free Saturday until May... the END of May. I really can't complain though. Most of the stuff I am doing is either fun stuff, or stuff that pays well.

That being said just a few weeks ago was Annie's Baby Shower. I was a co-hostess, along with her Aunt Susan. Susan's house is much bigger than mine, so we had the party there. It was as rocking of a good time as can be had when your guest of honor is more than 8 months pregnant.

Our friend Holly was kind enough to bring her fancy camera and take lots of pictures. I thought I would share a few.

This is Susan's living room. She set up lots of yummy finger foods. 

Susan also had a champagne toast for the guest of honor! 
I love the strawberries, I think they add a nice touch of color. 

Of course, no party I co-hostess would be complete without a few crafts and homemade items.
The first I want to share are pinwheels. I made a few of these to decorate with, and I also made individual pinwheel drink stirrers for everyone at the party. I'll have a simple tutorial on these soon.

We laid out all the pinwheels near the food. I think they were a big hit.

Sarah and Tamsin playing with their pinwheels.

I also made small favors for all the guests. I sewed quick mini bags out of fabric I had on hand. I filled each bag with jordan almonds, that Susan was nice enough to pick up, and tied each bag with a white ribbon.
We put the favors in a basket lined with tissue paper, and sat them in the front entryway.

I was in charge of games. I had a few classics, but I decided I would be in charge of games AND activities. 
I absolutely loved THIS tutorial from kojodesigns. Since I couldn't make a and entire booth, I decided to decorate a frame. I also had a bucket filled with props. It was a big hit.
I think I'll have it at all my parties from now on. 

Annie and Frank, the mother and father to-be, took a picture before Frank was banished from the premises.

We had another mommy-to-be at our party. I got a picture of both of their bumps in the frame.

During present opening time Annie opened my gift. It was a handmade baby mat. I use lots of fabrics I had on hand, and the inside is lined with fleece. I tried to make it as ungirly as possible as we don't know if Baby Webb is a boy or a girl. 

Finally, I had a new take on the classic "Write down advice/well wishes for the mommy-to-be". Instead of just getting note cards for people to write on, I decorated the front of plain white cards with the alphabet. Every letter got it's own card. I encouraged people to write well wishes and advice on the back of the cards. When Baby Webb is older s/he can use the cards as alphabet flashcards.

As closer look at my artistic skillz. Yeah, that's skillz, with a Z. I will say, it is ridiculously difficult to figure out a drawable item for every letter of the alphabet. I may have a tutorial on this one later too.

Whew! That's it!. Do you have any great party ideas that I didn't think of? I'm co-hostessing a bridal shower next month, so I'm open to lots of new things!

Love, Tina Marie

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  1. The pin-wheels are great! You should start selling them on Craigslist to brides as place card holders!