Thursday, February 17, 2011

Why I Love My Phone

I'm totally a phone snob. I have no idea how I lived before I owned my android phone. I absolutely love it.
The only irritating thing about phones is how quickly they become outdated. Luckily android has system updates, so the phone adapts as technology adapts. So if you have a droid, here are 5 things that you might not know your phone does, that are awesome:

1. Widgets: did you know you can create shortcuts on your phones "desktop". I have shortcuts for people I frequently call. You can create an icon on your desktop that will call or text a person. You can also create shortcuts to frequently visited websites, or a song that you play on repeat. I absolutely love this feature.

2. Zip files: I use my phone as my primary music source. I buy all my music from Amazon, which, in my opinion, kicks iTunes ass. Amazon lets me have the music both on my desktop, and my phone, but it also lets me use any media format to carry my files. This means I can share my music files with other people. Furthermore I can buy a song on my phone, save it as a zip file on my phone and email it to someone else. No PC necessary. I love this feature.

3. TV: I don't have cable. This means I watch most of my TV either day of, or online. I recently discovered that thru I can watch pretty much any show out there on my phone. This is pretty awesome for me.

4. Radio: There are lots of free radio programs out there, but I use pandora. I know that they now have a 40 hour a month limit, but using a different account on my PC than I use on my phone I am able to double my monthly usage!

5. Navigation: I know that a lot of people have garmins and tom toms and swear by them. I swear by my google navigation. They are constantly updating the program, and I use it in place of other traditional navigation systems. I have a dock for my phone in my car specifically for when I use it as a navigation  systems. I would be lost without it. (Get it? It's punny.)

Do ya'll have any other neat features that use use your android phone for?

Love, Tina Marie


  1. I have the Droid Pro and Love it! Also love your suggestion to have two different Pandora accounts! I didn't even think of that!

  2. iPhone... wishing I had a Droid. Ugh